One-on-one Fitness Coaching Improve your muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility and learn healthy eating tips.

Fitness Coaching Description Price Description Price
  Monthly 12-Weeks
Private 3x per week Three sessions per week= 12 sessions $480 Three sessions per week= 36 sessions $1440
Private 2x per week Two sessions per week= 8 sessions $320 Two sessions per week = 24 sessions $960
Private 1x per week One session per week=4 sessions $160 One session per week=12 sessions $480
Semi-private Partner workout 3x per week Three sessions per week for two=12 sessions each $768 Three sessions per week for two=36 sessions $2304
Semi-private Partner workout 2x per week Two sessions per week for two=8 sessions each $512 Two sessions per week for two=24 sessions $1536
Semi-private Partner workout 1x per week One session per week for two=4 sessions each $256 One session per week for two=12 sessions each $768
Fitness Coaching monthly membership also includes:  
Additional value for each package: $638
Initial consultation and fitness assessment (1.5 hours)
Initial fitness assessment report
Personalized exercise program creation or refresh
Fitness assessments every 6 weeks with progress report
Personal touch – follow-up text messages, homework, support/suggested reading, articles
Monthly EFC client newsletter
Nutrition and lifestyle coaching tips and support
Access to EFC Facebook page with relevant articles, motivation and coaching tips
Access to weekly cardio meetup group – hiking foothills or greenbelt walks
Optional healthcare provider communication and progress reports

Health Coaching Encourage and enable healthy behaviors regardless of current weight status or body shape. This is nutrition and lifestyle coaching which focuses on health not weight. We will accomplish the client’s goal of feeling good and leading a healthy lifestyle through learning to love and care for oneself now.

Health Coaching Description Package Price
Personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching conducted by phone or Skype Package of six 60 minute sessions $240
Health Coaching membership includes:
Total value: $480
Initial Consultation Session – a 90-minute in-person meeting to review current situation, discuss the non-diet approach to weight management, discuss and answer questions that will develop and personalize a lifestyle plan
Personalized Lifestyle Plan – an action plan for achieving “your” definition of health and a healthy lifestyle
Health coaching sessions – package of six 60-minute sessions conducted by phone or Skype
Unlimited access to coach via text, email, phone

Complete Lifestyle Coaching Combine healthy behavior changes along with fitness coaching for complete support in progressing toward a healthier, happier mind and body.

Complete Lifestyle monthly membership includes:
Total value: $1438
Health coaching package $480
Fitness coaching package – private 2x per week $320
All Fitness Coaching additional value above $638

Small Group Yoga Instruction Intimate 4-person yoga sessions held in the studio. Focus is on vinyasa movement, building core strength, stretching and de-stressing.

Small Group Yoga Instruction Description Package Price
One month 1x per week $35
Drop-in One class as openings exist $10 each
Small Group Yoga membership includes:
Total value: $240
Facebook, text notification and rsvp options each week
Custom classes based on yogis’ abilities and requests
Private studio with maximum class size of 4 ladies
Bonus outdoor yoga session(s) in the summer

*Current schedule: Beginner 45 minute class – Monday 6:15 pm. All Levels 60 minute – Thursday 11:30 a.m.

*Payment in full is expected prior to first coaching session.